How to Start an Essay – Tips to Interest Your Audience

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No matter how interesting and deep your essay is, it may not be read in full if you do not manage to interest your reader from the very start of your writing. Having an intriguing and a catchy introduction is a prerequisite for an A paper; otherwise, you risk a reader put your paper aside and grade it with a D. Is it what you strive to avoid? Then it is crucially important for you to know how to start your essay and what the most effective approaches to introduction writing are. We are going to answer all these questions further in the text and guide you a bit.


What is the purpose of the introduction?

Being an opening paragraph in your essay, an introduction is aimed at introducing the reader to the topic being under discussion and demonstrating its relevance. Papers that do not have an introductory paragraph and start with the argumentation immediately do not sound reasonable and professional. They will hardly immerse a reader into the discussion and will leave the one indifferent to the message you are trying to convey.

Why do you need to begin your essay with an introduction?

  • Start with an intro to interest a reader;
  • Start with an intro to catch one’s attention;
  • Start with an intro to provide background information about the theme covered further in the text;
  • Start with an intro to present the topicality of the theme;
  • Start with an intro to state your opinion on a theme;
  • Start with an intro to explain the scale of a problem you are revealing.

With all these functions of an intro in mind, it is no wonder why this section of an essay is the obligatory one once you start working on a paper. It is of great value for both a reader and a writer.

Approaches to how to start an essay

There are different approaches to essay introduction writing; and none of them is right or wrong. Something may work for you but be an ineffective technique for a different person. You can find your own secret of success that is effectively applicable to your writing style. Here are some of the most common approaches to essay introduction writing:

  • Start an essay with a fact – you can start an essay with a fact that is relevant to your paper subject. What’s important here is that you use not a common statement but a fact that most of your audience do not know. As an alternative solution, it can be also a statement that contradicts a common opinion. Thus, you will surprise your reader from the very first sentence of your paper.
  • Write an anecdote – use a joke or an anecdote as an introductory point in your essay. In such a way, you will get the entire reader’s focus and will make sure that the one is on the positive wave and ready to perceive new information.
  • Use a quote – starting an essay with a quote of a famous person is believed to be an effective technique. We all respect the words of famous people and see them as the only truth. That’s why using this feature as your weapon is a good way to achieve success.
  • Write a question – talking to your reader from the very beginning of your essay is a sign of an effective essay. Every second essay starts with a question, which makes a reader think about the topic and search for a solution in one’s head.

No matter what technique you choose, all of them will be a success if they are smoothly integrated and fit your style of writing. We strongly recommend you think about your topic and discipline and pick the method of starting an essay only afterward.

When to write an introduction?

Although an introduction is the very first part of an essay, it is better to be the last piece you write. Why? Everything is easy – only after you have a full picture, you can highlight all the main points briefly and understand which ones you can use as your “top interest” weapon for your reader.

What is the sequence of actions in essay writing?

  1. Analyze the topic;
  2. Research the niche and collect information;
  3. Sort out all the data found;
  4. Decide on a thesis statement;
  5. Write all body parts;
  6. Write an introduction;
  7. Find the best place for a thesis statement in your introduction;
  8. Write a conclusion.

You can, of course, adjust all these stages to yourself and develop the best strategy. However, the above order has proven to be the most effective one. For you to understand what works better, we highly advise you to handle the same assignment in different ways and count how much time you spend.

What’s important in the introduction?

 No matter how you decide to start an essay, it is important to pay attention to the following features:

  • Relevance to the paper topic;
  • Logical integration with the text that follows the opening paragraph;
  • Consistency;
  • Information-sharing function;
  • Attention-catchy feature.

An introduction must serve its purpose; otherwise, what is the sense of it? After reading the first one-two paragraphs of your work, the one must understand why you have decided to pick this theme and what important is covered in it.


Expert verdict!

All in all, an introduction is one of the most important parts of an essay that you should never skip writing. A well-written introduction brings half success to your paper, even if its quality is far from being top-level. At the same time, a paper with amazing content but having no opening paragraph is most likely to fail. Use any of the above approaches to intro writing and see how well it works for you.

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