Effective Approaches to Argumentative Essay Outline Writing

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When you are working on a complex academic assignment or you have a lot of information to be highlighted in your writing, then you will hardly be able to succeed without a clear plan of your paper. This is especially relevant to argumentative essay writing, where you need to work with dozens of information and be able to process/ analyze terabytes of data. If you really need an A for the assignment, then you should start the writing process with the development of an argumentative essay outline.

What do you need to focus on? How to approach the task so that nothing important is left aside your attention? Our professional writers have prepared some effective tips that will assist and guide you.


Why is it important?

Even if it seems that outline writing just requires an extra time from you without giving anything to a student, you are wrong. A well-thought-out plan will not only save you time but also make the writing process easy and fun. By developing a detailed plan, you benefit from the following:

  • Minimum time and efforts spent on the assignment;
  • No important arguments stay outside your focus;
  • The most effective content strategy is developed for your argumentative essay;
  • You group and structure all the main points in the best sequence;
  • There is no duplicated ideas or misalignments in your writing;
  • Your thesis statement complies with the arguments you further use in your writing.

With these in mind, it is no wonder why it is so important to develop a “muscle” of argumentative essay outline writing and never skip it when working on the task.

The essence of an argumentative essay outline

Being the backbone for your essay, a paper highlights its structure and the argumentation logic you further follow in your text. It usually has a look of a bulleted or numbered list with all the main idea and arguments listed there. There is no strict rules of how statements should be formulated in a paper plan – these can be both sentences, short statements, or word combination. You can use whatever formulations that work better for you. The only thing important for an argumentative essay outline is that it contains a thesis statement you are proving in your writing as well as the exact order of supporting statements.

How to integrate paper plan writing in the process of your work on an essay? Everything is easy.

  1. Once you decide on a paper topic or have it approved with the teacher, you start researching it collecting all relevant and important information. Have it gathered in one place, for example, in one notebook so that nothing is missed out.
  2. After you know everything about the theme, you formulate the message you are going to prove in your argumentative essay.
  3. Structure all the data found in a section and group it based on its relevance to the topic. At this stage, it is important to ensure that there is no duplication and every statement you are going to write in your essay doesn’t repeat the previous one. If any of the ideas are connected to each other, then group them in the same category.
  4. Play with the order of the main points after you have written them down and grouped. You will hardly be able to define the best order of arguments from the very first time. That’s why it is recommended to make a draft first and then revisit it in some time.

Understanding the argumentation strategy, you will cope with essay introduction/ conclusion writing easier and will make them more integrated in the paper.

Expert tips

 There are some small hints that will help you prepare a paper plan that your teacher will be proud of. There is nothing special at all, but with the right approach, you can deliver better, faster, and with less “stress” to you. So how to make writing an easy-to-handle task? Here are some small secrets of success to you:

  • Do not skip research data sorting step;
  • Write down each argument on a single piece of paper so that you could play around with the order in your argumentative piece;
  • Give yourself some time (1-2 days) to think over the argumentation strategy;
  • Prepare several formulations of a thesis statement;
  • Write an outline draft and make edits/ improvements in a few days (if necessary);
  • Start your argumentation strategy with “weaker” points first and finalize your writing with one-hit arguments;
  • Make sure there is a content bridge between an introduction/ body/ conclusion of your essay.

Of course, you will have to spend plenty of time on your first argumentative essay outline. But with each next try, this task will become easier and less time consuming for you. Therefore, it’s worth trying out and mastering your skill.

Why is it important for an argumentation strategy?

There are many different types of writing, but it is an argumentative essay that requires an outline before you start writing a paper. This is primarily associated with the main task of the piece – persuade the reader and make him accept your point of view. To do so, you are to provide reasonable and strong arguments to support the relevance of your belief. This is where a paper plan plays a crucial role.


So how does a plan help in argumentative essay writing?

  • Helps in sorting out and grouping all the arguments of yours;
  • Allows you not to leave any important main point outside your writing;
  • Serves as an instrument for finding out the most effective strategy;
  • Makes introduction/ conclusion writing easier;
  • Assists in finding the best logical bridges between paragraphs for them smooth connection.

Therefore, every time you doubt if you should start working on the task with outline preparation, do not forget about its main function and advantages you will get. Your teacher will see how professionally and smartly you have approached a task. In case you need a qualified help with a plan for your paper, our writers are always ready to assist you. We will not only help you with an outline but also will find the best writing tone and language for your essay.